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Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary – But Haley Says Campaign Is ‘far From Over’

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Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire.

The result is a setback for former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who invested significant time and financial resources into winning the state.

She is the last major challenger in the race after Florida governor Ron DeSantis ended his presidential bid over the weekend.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Trump said: “This is not your typical victory speech, but let’s not have someone take a victory when she had a very bad night.”

He then expressed his disbelief that Ms Haley was “still hanging around” after coming third in Iowa.

Ms Haley said after the result: “This race is far from over. There are dozens of states still to go.”

She congratulated Mr Trump on his victory, adding “he earned it”.

How far behind is too far for Nikki Haley?

It was Donald Trump’s night, no doubt. He had the numbers and he got the victory.

For Nikki Haley, the question that will be answered in due course is: how far behind is too far?

In the Granite state, she had the conditions she craved – an independent, moderate crowd passing judgement on a two-person contest.

It still didn’t get her as close to Donald Trump as she wanted.

The question is whether it got her close enough to the notion that she can challenge in different and more difficult places.

Before Tuesday’s primary, Nikki Haley pledged that she would continue to the next big contest in South Carolina. She maintained that will be the case last night. “I’m a fighter, I’m scrappy.”

There has to be doubt around her longevity. It won’t be her decision alone. Big money donors will subject the night’s numbers to close examination to measure her chances of success going forward – and their appetite for continued investment.

She will want to remain in the process as long as she can, given the uncertainty around her rival.

Four criminal trials lend uncertainty to Donald Trump and his future plans. Nikki Haley will want to style herself as natural successor, should the favourite take a fall.

She vowed to take her campaign onward to her home state of South Carolina, which holds its GOP primary next month.

Ms Haley also took a swipe at Mr Trump for appearing to confuse her with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and challenged him to a live debate.

Image: Republican presidential candidate and former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley Mr Trump can now boast of being the first Republican presidential candidate to win open races in Iowa and New Hampshire since both states began leading the election calendar in 1976.

By posting easy wins in both early states, Mr Trump is demonstrating an ability to unite the Republican Party’s factions firmly behind him.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden also won in the Democratic New Hampshire primary even though he was not on the ballot.

His supporters mounted a write-in campaign on his behalf to avoid a loss, even though the contest awards no delegates because it violates the national party rules he pushed for.