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Home » Lonely Giraffe Embarks On 40-Hour Road Trip In Search Of Warmer Weather… And Love

Lonely Giraffe Embarks On 40-Hour Road Trip In Search Of Warmer Weather… And Love

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A lonely giraffe has begun a 40-hour road trip to a new home – in search of warmer weather and maybe a mate.

Jealousy had forced Benito to leave a zoo in the Mexican state of Sinaloa last year, and he was relocated to a park near the US border with temperatures as low as 9C (48F).

Campaigners have been calling for the four-year-old to move to sunnier climes – and now, a specially designed container will transport him to a safari park about 90 miles (145km) away.

Image: Pic: AP Benito is travelling in a crate that has been strapped to the back of a truck – and while he is 16m (52ft) high, the roof can be lowered to pass under bridges.

His head sticks through the top of the box, but tarp is being used to insulate him from the cold, wind and rain.

Well-wishers shouted “we love you Benito” as he began his journey.

One local resident in Ciudad Juarez, where the giraffe had stayed until recently, said: “We’re a little said that he’s leaving, but it also gives us great pleasure… the weather conditions are not suitable for him.”

Image: Pic: AP In the summer, Benito had little shade in his half-acre enclosure – with photos showing him crouching to fit underneath a small canopy.

Ice would sometimes form on the enclosure’s pond in the winter, and there were few trees to munch on.

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Image: Pic: AP He was born at a zoo that was home to two other giraffes who were a couple – but couldn’t stay there because zookeepers feared the male would become territorial and attack young Benito.

There are three female giraffes at his new home, and Benito will be living in a much larger space that more closely resembles his natural habitat.

Image: Pic: AP Frank Carlos Camacho, who is accompanying the giraffe on his long journey, said that “Benito is doing very, very well” – and has been given plenty of treats as a reward.

Straw, alfalfa, water and vegetables are inside his container – as well as equipment so technicians can talk to Benito en route.

A convoy of police, environmental officials and the National Guard are escorting him.

“He is ready to be a giraffe,” Mr Camacho said. “He will reproduce soon, and contribute to the conservation of this wonderful species.”