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Nike ‘got It Wrong’ In Not Selling My World Cup Shirt, Mary Earps Says

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Mary Earps believes Nike now knows it was an “injustice” not to sell her shirt during the World Cup.

After mounting pressure the sports brand released the England goalkeeper’s green long-sleeved Lionesses shirt – only for it to sell out in five minutes.

Asked if she thought Nike had “learned a lesson,” the Sports Personality of the Year nominee told Sky News: “Definitely. I would like to think so, I’ve been speaking to Nike quite a bit over the course of the year.

“On this topic, they know that they got this wrong and that’s why they’ve done this correction – a big company like Nike, they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t know it wasn’t right and that there was an injustice there.

“They did the right thing and, really, I can’t thank the public enough for their support and, really, we wouldn’t be in this position without it.

“I was really ‘umm-ing and ah-ing’ whether to use my voice and to speak on it or not – I thought I was just speaking for a niche of goalkeepers, but it turned out to be support from a group of much wider group of people.

“I think from that, collectively, we’ve really changed the world, so thank you to everyone.”

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Earps won FIFA’s Golden Glove for her performances in the World Cup 2023 tournament.

She had a tram named after her in Nottingham and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Loughborough University.