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Red Paint Sprayed Over BBC’s London Headquarters

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The entrance of the BBC’s New Broadcasting House building in London has been covered with red paint. 

The paint spans the glass doors, wall and pavement outside the broadcaster’s London headquarters.

Image: Barriers were put up outside the entrance after the incident The Metropolitan Police has said the incident has not yet been linked to any protest group.

“We are aware of criminal damage to a building in Portland Place, W1A,” a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Image: The Met Police say the incident has not yet been linked to any particular protest group “At this stage there is no suggestion this is linked to any protest group.”

Images of the paint have been shared on social media by a number of BBC employees, including presenter Victoria Derbyshire who posted a video of the scene.

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Officers have also been seen standing guard outside the building, while barriers were placed in front of the entrance.

There is an increased police presence in the area as thousands of people gather nearby for a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

The BBC has faced criticism in recent days for not describing Hamas militants as terrorists in its coverage of the Israel-Hamas war.