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‘We’re Not Going To Save The Planet By Bankrupting People,’ Says Home Secretary

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The home secretary has said that “we’re not going to save the planet by bankrupting the British people” in response to reports the government is looking at watering down its green pledges.

Among the changes being considering are the pushing back of a ban on the sales of new vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2030 to 2035 – and a weakening of plans to phase out gas boilers by 2035.

Suella Braverman told Sky News that, while the government remains committed to the goal of achieving net zero by 2050, “we need to put economic growth first”.

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“We need to put household costs and budgets first. We need to put the cost of living first,” she added.

“And we’re only going to achieve that net zero target whereby people and the British people can go about their daily lives using their cars, using the facilities that are available.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to lay out further details in a speech in the coming days. The reported change in stance has led at least one Tory MP to “seriously” consider putting in a letter of no confidence in Mr Sunak’s leadership.

In a statement released last, Mr Sunak said: “No leak will stop me beginning the process of telling the country how and why we need to change.

“As a first step, I’ll be giving a speech this week to set out an important long-term decision we need to make so our country becomes the place I know we all want it to be for our children.”

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