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Home » Police Check On Britney Spears After Video Of Her Dancing With Knives

Police Check On Britney Spears After Video Of Her Dancing With Knives

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Authorities have reportedly carried out a welfare check on Britney Spears after the popstar shared a video of herself dancing with knives at home.

The footage showed the 41-year-old singer dancing around the property while holding large knives.

Image: The alarm was raised after Britney Spears shared a clip of herself dancing with knives

Police visited Spears after fans expressed concerns about the clip, a source close to the star told NBC News on Thursday.

The Toxic singer is “fine,” the source told the broadcaster, Sky News’ US partner network.

“This is overblown. She was expressing her freedom as she continues to do,” they added.

In the Instagram post of the video, which she posted earlier this week, Spears wrote: “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today!!! Don’t worry they are NOT real knives!!! Halloween is soon!!!”

She shared another choreographed clip on Friday, and claimed she was simply copying Shakira, who danced with knives during her MTV Video Music Awards performance earlier this month.

Image: Spears insisted the knives were fake

Spears wrote: “I know I spooked everyone with the last post, but these are fake knives that my team rented from Hand Prop shop in LA.

“These are not real knives. No one needs to worry or call the police.

“I’m trying to imitate one of my favorite (sic) performers Shakira… a performance I was inspired by!!!”

She added: “Cheers to us bad girls who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take risks.”

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It is not the first time fans have asked the police to check on Spears.

In January, they raised the alarm after she deleted her Instagram account.

At the time, Spears said she loved and adored her fans “but this time things went a little too far”.

“The police never entered my home and when they came to my gate they quickly realized (sic) there was no issue and left immediately,” she wrote.

“This felt like I was being gaslit and bullied once the incident made it to the news and being portrayed once again in a poor and unfair light by the media.”

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Spears later said she temporarily left the social media platform because people were making fun of her dancing videos.

The latest incident comes weeks after Sam Asghari, 29, filed for divorce from the singer.

Spears told her 42 million Instagram followers she was “a little shocked” but had no intention of explaining the split and called it “nobody’s business”.

They pair married in June 2022, the same year Spears’ controversial conservatorship – a legal agreement which had controlled her life since 2008 – came to an end, putting her in charge of her estate, estimated at $60m (about £45m) at the time.