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The Soaring Costs Of Going To A Wedding Revealed

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If you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer, the total cost of going is likely to top £1,000, according to a new survey.

That’s up 18% on last year, when wedding guests expected to spend £883 on average.

Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses at £203.90 on average, with guests expecting to spend 32% more than they did in 2022.

But the biggest outgoing was on gifts for the newlyweds, the survey by American Express found.

Wedding attendees said they planned to spend £217.90 on presents, with cash, couples’ experiences and kitchen appliances among the most popular gifts.

Childcare costs were expected to come in at £202.70 while people expected to spend £196.20 on travel.

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The survey found many couples were heading abroad to get married, with Spain and Ireland among the popular destinations.

Outfits and accessories were the other big expense, with guests saying they expected to shell out £160.30.

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After a few seasons of weddings being slimmed down due to COVID, the average number of guests is expected to rise in 2023.

The research found that the average guest count for weddings in 2023 is 74, increasing from 66 in 2022.