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Thirteen People Killed As Bus Collides With Van On Motorway In Pakistan

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Thirteen people have died after a speeding bus crashed into a van on a motorway in Pakistan.

The collision happened in Rahim Yar Khan, in the Punjab province of the country, according to a district police spokesman.

Police said those that were killed and injured due to the crash have now been moved to the hospital.

Officials have provided no further details and said they are still investigating the cause of the incident.

South Punjab Police shared the images of the crash in a tweet that said: “South Punjab Maqsoodul Hassan expressed grieving.”

According to the tweet, officers arrived promptly “to ensure early medical assistance and inquire about the causes of the incident”.

The images show the wreckage of the crash, with a vehicle crushed and barely visible.

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In Pakistan, traffic accidents result in thousands of deaths and injuries every year.

Accidents like this are common in the country due to damaged roads that are often poorly maintained.

Earlier this year, 40 people were killed after a bus crashed in Balochistan.

The bus was carrying 44 passengers when it crashed and the bodies of 40 people including women and children were recovered.

Another incident occurred in 2019 where at least 22 people were killed, after a bus rammed into a hill in Pakistan following a break failure.